Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mosquito Itch remedies!!

If you're gold panning or prospecting insects and specifically mosquitoes can be a REALLY BIG PAIN in the butt! For instance I made a quick hike up a creek near my house yesterday and I am now covered with more than 17 bites. Hungry little buggers!!

Below are some good mosquito itch remedies that will help take the itch away and help heal up the wounds.
  • Rub white vinegar on the wounds when they they begin to itch. if its opened up at all the slight stinging sensation from the vinegar is a very welcome relief from the itching. It seems to numb the itching for a while too.
  • Antihistamines also work great to temporarily remove the itching of mosquito bites
  • Rubbing alcohol applied vigorously to the wound and then covered with a bandaid or - get this - scotch tape have been known to stop the itching and speed healing greatly!
  • Applying soap to the mosquito bit is said to provide instant relief. I haven't tried this though.

All those ideas work great, but the very best way to stop the itching is to not be bitten at all!!

Here's a small list of mosquito repellents that work good for me.
  • COVER UP!! exposed skin is a major target for these heat seeking bugs.
  • Apply DEET, the stronger the better... though its health effects on humans are still being argued.
  • Apply a slightly diluted spray of white vinegar to your body. They had the smell and hate the taste even worse! FYI, mosquito's don't much like B.O. either. The cleaner and nicer your clothes smell, the bigger the horde of mosquito's you'll have buzzing around you... go ahead... don't be afraid to stink it up a bit!... you are in the woods after all!
  • Garlic and citronella are known to be so-so repellents... they're all natural so its worth a shot anyway.
Hopefully you've got the info to prevent endless nights of sleeplessness cause by your incessant mosquito bite itching. Now go get some gold and quite worrying about those bugs!

UPDATE: A friend of mine just recently introduced me to this. As mentioned above antihistamines are a great way to stop the itching from a mosquito bite. The problem is that a lot of them make you kind of drowsy! There is now a roll on applicator made by Benadryl. POOF instant relief that lasts hours. It also helps heal the bite faster. It is my opinion that this is without a doubt the best remedy yet for treating mosquito bites!
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